Sorry We Had to Shut 'Er Down

The beast that once was Peekatune, a thriving website to upload music, has had to close down due to the bloat of it's content combined with a lack of funds to support such content. Though you all uploaded a great variety of music from a magnitude of genres, the site was simply unsustainable. Thank you all for your posts, uploads, videos, and comments.

What's Next?

Well, the tricky part is just maintaining a depository of excellent friendly sites that continue to do what Peekatune could not. Music sites exist all over the world, and we'd be happy to curate an expanding list of these great music sites. It's always great to have a place to upload your music and share your creativity.

A Few Kind Supporters

Smooth Ceiling in Toronto and Richmond Hill was always a kind supporter of Peekatune. Music must've been near and dear to their hearts. They smooth ceilings by day - A process of removing stucco ceiling and popcorn ceiling (the plaster that terribly drips down from ceilings from houses made in the 70's and 80's) It never hurts to have a smooth ceiling! Smooth Ceiling Popcorn ceiling removal. Talk to them today if you're in the GTA!

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Monetary and Currency News and Information

For nearly a decade, our world has been in a precarious financial situation. Turmoil, both accidental and designed have taken hold of the financial institutions of the world. In the clutches we may not know what lay ahead with any certainty. Perhaps that is part of the plan. A carefully crafted system of organized disorganization is the perfect setup from which to keep the population from finding patterns in the rough. Financial news and currency information holds the keys to unlocking the potential of great income through pattern recognition and sheer currency evaluation.

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